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Hair Transplant in Lahore by Dr. Atta-ul-Haq

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure in which a hair transplant surgeon moves hair follicles from a part of the body head to a bald area of the head with the help of FUE or FUT technique of transplantation. If you are looking for hair transplant in Lahore and searching for experienced and qualified hair transplant surgeon in Lahore, Pakistan then Dr. Atta-ul-Haq is the best choice for you. Dr. Atta has over 15 years of experience, registered with PMDC and Pakistan Association of Plastic Surgeons. Click here to know more about Dr. Atta-ul-Haq.

Hair transplantation is largely achieved by removing grafts\/follicles from the back of the head that are more resistant to hormonal changes, and putting them in areas of poor growth or baldness. There are two approaches to eliminate the grafts one is Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and second is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). From the back of the mind, a strip of the scalp is cut out in FUT hair transplant methid and is dissected into grafts. FUE hair transplant method of hair transplantation involves intake of single follicular units\/grafts from the back of the head one by one by cutting around it through a small specialized machine and removing them.

These grafts are then inserted on there's loss of hair or the front of the head into the areas. There are no stitches, scars or cuts in FUE as this method of hair transplant does not involve taking a whole strip of the scalp from the back of the mind like in strip operation. Both methods involve surgery a consultation with the hair transplant surgeon is needed that can explain the procedure and its benefits and pitfalls. Swelling part of the scalp, face is common for a couple of days. The grafts are washed with saline repeatedly for a couple of days after the transplant.

Our FUE technique enables the most effective processing of extracted hair grafts and allows us to offer “Megasessions” where we can transplant more than 3000 grafts in a single session. Our patients can experience natural results without the need for multi-day surgical sessions. Dr. Atta routinely transplant more grafts in a single session than any other hair restoration clinic in Lahore, providing the patient with greater value compared to other clinics that require 2 or 3 sessions to achieve similar results.

If you’re considering hair transplant in Lahore, we highly recommend an online consultation first. Not only is it free, but it will also provide you with valuable information as you continue with your due diligence. Our online consultation will not only allow us to confirm if you’re a good candidate for surgery or not, but we’ll also be able to provide you with a realistic estimate in regards to the cost of your surgery.

Am I suitable candidate for FUE hair transplant?

For a hair transplant to be successful, enough hair must be available to be ‘donated’ from another part of the scalp or body. The best candidates therefore retain some degree of hair growth at the back and sides of the scalp.

Where will the transplantation procedure be performed?

Your procedure will be performed at our state of the art clinic based at DHA phase IV Lahore, Pakistan. Our surgeon is qualified and affiliated with PMDC and your procedure work will be done in our dedicated hair transplant theatre rooms located within our clinics.

How does follicular unit extraction (FUE) work?

Each hair on your head has its own follicular unit with several key components that help it survive. In FUE transplantation these units are extracted individually and completely intact using a specialist micro-punch device that removes the follicle with minimal trauma to surrounding tissue. FUE is a painless and scar free procedure. Most FUE transplants can be completed in one day. In some cases, where lots of hairs are being transplanted, this can span to two days.

Does the procedure painful?

The FUE hair transplant technique is not painful. Local anaesthetic is used to numb the area before treatment commences where you will feel a slight sting but after a few minutes the patient doesn’t feel anything during the procedure. There will be some redness immediately following treatment but this will fall down after a couple of days.

How long does the procedure take?

The duration of the treatment depends on the number of hairs required. Usually treatments take no more than a day to complete (6-8 hours).

How soon will I see the results?

Patients will be able to see the result of their transplant instantly after treatment and the hair will start to grow as normal right away. It is perfectly normal for the transplanted hair to shed again a few weeks after treatment, but after that initial shedding it will grow back strong and healthy. Results will start to be seen about 4 to 6 weeks after treatment with full results being seen after approximately six months.

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